Put Some Platinum in Your Cream: Stay Young Forever!

Not all of us have the courage to go under knife for the sake if beauty and neither we may have the bucks get the botox shot. That does not mean that we have no way we can seal our beauty. Platinum comes to our rescue, on time! In case you are wondering, let me assure you that real metal- platinum has been proven to have healing and restorative properties on skin. Taking a cue from here, La prairie has manufactured and launched the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, which is considered to be the hottest topic of conversation among celebrities and socialites.

One can get a box of Cellular Cream Platinum Rare for $1,000. At this price for a small bottle, it is indeed a luxury brand and I am hoping that it must do some wonders to the skin. And letís not forget how many times more a shot of Botox would be!

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Cellular Cream Platinum Rare

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