Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte: Luxury Hand Crafted for You!

There are people who would simply buy what is in vogue. The result is that every person walking across Hyde Park would have the same thing with them. Then there would be others who like exclusivity. For the latter ones, Nokia has launched its latest craft-piece called the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte. It has interesting materials in the making such as carbon fibre, titanium, polished glass and stainless steel to give it an arty look. But the USP of the product is that it is in 24k yellow gold makes it a sheer pleasure to see and hold.

At $2099, it is not a high price to pay considering the brand value of Nokia, the original design of the product and the fact that it is hand tailored in England. I particularly like the looks of gold on Black which reminds me of a beautiful speckled snake. It is so classy and unisex that it will appeal to both men and women!

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

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