Movie Theater Under the Sky!

Our lives have become increasingly private with the result that we have to deliberately plan and interact with our friends, neighbours and relatives. And if space is the problem, we can simply arrange a weekend gala on a terrace/garden. Having a portable video projector with built-in DVD player and a screen or a white sheet of cloth will complete what ever was missing from the gathering.

This is exactly what a couple of people near Harlem did to celebrate. They all got together on the common terrace of the building along with an Epson MovieMate 72 projector. This reminds me of my University days when students would sit on strike and play inspirational movies on the projector in the lawns. It was such a thrill, huddled together to have a glance amidst noise of sloganeering.

Movie Theater

But in case you are planning to organise your won white sheet theatre, be prepared for the vagaries of nature! It will be advisable to have a back up plan in case of rains. One must also protect the screen from high winds or it will be blown away!
Movie Theater
Movie Theater

Movie Theater

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