Brudelli’s Lean Mean Bike Car Combo Machine

Imagine a bike-car combo! Well, Brudelli�s leanster has turned that fantasy into a reality. It is actually a variation on the motorcycle incorporating the benefits of a two-wheeled front end for a dynamic ride but with the traction of a multi-wheeled vehicle. It is a visual delight to see this model in function. Yep, it is really cool to see the vehicle leaning at an angle of 45 degrees except for the footboards that remain parallel to the ground. The two front wheels also provide less braking distance.

Basing the machine on a lean and mean structure, this techie work of art weighs just 238 kg. As a result, the 654cc KTM engine with 47kW @ 7,500 rpm gives great acceleration thanks to the 65 Nm @ 6,550 rpm midrange all the way to 170 km/hr.

The best part is that this bike of a kind can be driven on all surfaces like tarmac roads, go-kart tracks and even the speedway tracks. The model will be launched at Intermot 2008 on October 8 and will be available in limited numbers at a price of 21,000 Euros.
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Brudelli's Leanster

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