Drop the Shovel- Snow just Melts with Heated Traction Mats!

No more back-breaking shoveling. Just relax inside while the snow melts for you. No, this has nothing to do with Global Warming! It’s the ‘Heated Traction Mats’ that you can simply layout on your line walkways or even your driveway to do the job.
Ideal to clear the path to your front door from snow and ice, it is designed to be left out for the entire winter season – a wonderful way to greet guests. Just plug it into any standard 120V outlet and enough heat to melt 2″ of snow per hour is generated. Maybe not very impressive but a definite help to the elderly, those with back problem and a ready help at hand in difficult situations.

This Non-slip, UV-protected rubber construction with 6’ cord mat is a bit pricey, for 15? long x 24” wide it will cost you $1,099 and the price increases with greater dimensions. Maybe not a great idea if you want to save electricity because it melts at snails pace. And a heartbreak for kids perhaps who shovel for pocket money, but owing to its huge price, take it easy kids.The idea might work for public use in places like a hotel or office buildings etc. though.
Via Frontgate , Coolest Gadgets

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