Be an Alchemist with a difference-Turn your Words to Gold!

All you hi-tech and gadget loving people out there, especially if you are a writer, though that term should be rephrased with ‘typer’thanks to Microsoft Word, shut down your laptops because you will love to write, and I mean literally, because the ultimate pen you wouldn’t be able to resist to write with is here.

Inspired by the ideas of dualism, Visconti presents the Alchemy Vermeil limited edition of a fountain pen with a dual-end that allows you to write in two different ink colors or in two sizes of nibs. The red hot body has its separate barrel with Each half decorated in silver and an 18 carat gold plate engraved with symbolic elements of the Alchemy philosophy and hence the name.

A perfect collectors item; the pen can be suspended magnetically inside a display with two dragons forming a circle of life .A model display on that desk to grab attention. Limited to 1,038 pieces worldwide, it’s worth $5,500 (€3,752); to be used to sign million dollar deals! Or it could be a perfect gift to some one who loves to pen even in the era of computers or you can simply put on sheets those wonderful feelings you have always wanted to share with that special someone. Being mightier than a sword, take care not to slice a heart with it though!

Via Designergallery / Embelezzia

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