Trailer Redefined!

Long road trips in cramped up cars makes one feel like traveling in a house on wheels. This caravan or trailer, call it as you like it, is nothing of the ordinary sort. Airsteam’s PanAmerica has designed, for the adventurer, a luxuriously stylish and comfortable trailer. The new 34-foot 2009 Airstream PanAmerica can haul two motorcycles, ATVs or other action/adventure/ outdoor gear, up to 3,000 pounds weight in its garage. The PanAmerica’s 11 foot garage is accessible via a gull-wing door and fold down ramp for easy loading and unloading of your vehicles, plus a pass-through door in the bulkhead with porthole window providing occupants access to both rooms.
The back room is also equipped with storage cabinets, tabletop work areas, tie downs, electrical outlets for power and speakers tied to the PanAmerica’s crystal-clear sound system. The living space is completely equipped with stainless steel appliances, lounge area, shower and toilet, and a double bed sleeping area. The living space offers contemporary European luxury yacht-inspired design with flush cabinetry, flowing lines and indirect lighting.

Stainless steel appliances and trim, leather appointments and a flush-mount flat screen television makes journey in this an extremely comfortable trip. Seems more like a luxury suite than just a trailer. Get packing to spend that weekend away in style. Though avoid camping trips in this luxurious trailer for you don�t want camping to loose its true spirit!

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