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Off goes the alarm again! If only it rang 10 minutes later. Well, now your alarm may know just when to wake you up. Happy Wakeup alarm clock works to monitor your sleep patterns and wait until you are sleeping lightly before sounding the alarm. With the advent of late working hours, tight working schedules and deadline pressure, our natural body clocks is being messed up. Maintaining our natural body clock and regularly winding up our tired engines has its importance too vital to be ignored.
Happy Wakeup alarm uses your S60 phone’s built in microphone to monitor your snoring and snoozing. You just place the handset under your pillow and the software does the rest. Regular use of the clock helps the internal clock in our brain learn the proper sleep rhythms. This clock comes in the wake of elevated stress-levels which is associated with several risk factors and diseases such as hypertension and problems with the heart and brain and gives you your much deserved pleasant mornings to help avoid stress in your body and brain.

Fresh mornings with the Happy Wakeup smart alarm will cost you just 2 Euros ($2.90) for a one-week trial period and a full license costing 50 Euros ($74). Goodnight and sleep tight!

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