Want to know when the Traffic Signal will go Green…

Passionate drivers just hate stoplights! And if you belong to the clan, this is something just for you! Knowing how to time stoplights is a key element to driving, you don’t want to stop completely at every stoplight just when it’s going to turn green immediately. That’s a waste of fuel! What you want is to slow down just enough to catch the light as its turning green again. Now that’s what’s called the efficient way to drive and you would agree too.

Well, Audi is currently testing out an ingenious system that would tell you exactly when lights you’re approaching are set to change. The project “Travolution” networks cars with traffic signals wirelessly, showing you exactly when the upcoming light is going to change and how fast you should be going to clear it. Smart! Now how and when this project completes and meets us, one can only eagerly wait. This will not only improve fuel efficiency, but it should make traffic flow a lot smoother.

How awesome would it be if this became standard in all cars and on all roads? But one thing’s for sure-one’s it’s here, its here to stay. Till then do we have something to update us on how long or soon is this project getting the green signal for itself?

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