Francis Hooper Unveils $33,000 Couture Outfit

Recession does not quite seem to be a word the decadent ones recognize with. While most of the world is busy fighting for the basic needs of life, these bunch full splurge and how. Some are just born lucky not to worry about money be it during the Great Depression or any other recession for that matter. And there are enough smart designers to rake it in from them. When we go ahead and purchase expensive products only the rich get richer. The famous designer Francis Hooper intends to do just that saying his collections at the Air New Zealand Fashion Week were inspired to make women spend more on luxury items.

The best of the lot had to be the hand-sewn Swarovski crystals in a collection named “There is No Depression” costing around a whopping $33,000 and must help you ease of the burden off your bank accounts. It’s no wonder couture outfits like these after making an appearance or two on the ramp and fashion news remain pretty much unused in the collector’s wardrobe.

Making a signature look with such outfits could be an idea worth considering here. Riche riches keep living their fantasies and these designers to come up with more luxury products encouraging it.

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Couture Outfit

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