New Angelina Jolie Barbie doll

Barbie dolls have been loved and loathed at the same time. It is every young girl’s definition of beauty and that is precisely what bothers a number of thinkers. Ablue Eyed fantasy that all children want to fulfill! Reminds me of Morrison’s The Bluest Eyes. Well, the manufacturers cant be least bothered! They have recently sold an Angelina Jolie doll for $3,000 on eBay. The doll is designed and created by Noel Cruz who is himself a fan of Jolie. The doll has Jolie’s pout lips as well as Jolie’s mole on her forehead. Right now, the company has not decided to have more Jolie dolls but the trend may soon catch up to have Hollywood icons on the range. Who knows, the next model for Ken could very well be Jolie’s hubby Brad Pitt!!

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