Medieval Castle out for sale for a pittance!

When Bram Stoker was writing Dracula, it is said that he imagined the mystical land of Transylvania and the haunted castle when he was travelling in Europe and came across a really captivating mysterious castle. Alas! Gone are the days of such Medieval mysteries.
Two days from now, one such famous 800-year-old Belgian castle will no more be the same. The 13th century Corroy-le-Château will be auctioned by court all because the heirs cannot keep peace among themselves. So what would be the future of this historic Castle. As I presume, it will be converted in some Hollywood studio or be made a part of a chain of some grand hotel. The highest bid till now has been $ 3 million, but the true worth of Castle is estimated to be atleast ten times more than that.

The castle is located towards the south of Brussels and was was built by nobleman William of Brabant. It has the popular architecture of medieval dark ages and is full of secret passages and mysterious moats.

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