The Worlds Most Expensive MP3 Player

Diamonds are forever and gold is man’s favorite metal. If we add a little ‘music’ to these precious elements, we would get the TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold MP3 player which was originally made for a Russian-Canadian billionaire. Apparently this is the world’s most expensive MP3 player and costs a shocking 15,000. It is rather funny how people love the bling and there is no exception to race, gender and age when it comes to the yellow metal and diamonds. With about 63 diamonds studded in the 18-karat gold cast, this MP3 player will surely grab anybody’s attention.

Imagine listening to music on this MP3 player when you go hang out with friends in that special place. You could make all your peeps squeal in envy. You literally will shine for as long you are there, and no man or woman can take away the glitter from you, unless you dont care about prying eyes.

However, make sure you have an equally flashy club or stick to carry with you, in case someone gets too friendly with your i.Beat Organix Gold MP3 player.

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i.Beat Organix Gold

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