Judy Garland’s Oz Ruby Slippers on Sale

When I heard about a shoes selling for a grand sum like this, I automatically assumed that it has to be something like Cinderella’s glass slippers that her fairy god mother gifted her. Little did I imagine that it would be a little Dorothy Gale’s shoes instead! Judy Garland, in the timeless classic The Wizard of Oz walked around in a pair beautiful ruby red shoes. The shoes look eye catching enough ot catch the attention of any one, believe me. They will be on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York if you plan to go for window shopping atleast. In total there are 5 pairs that were worn by the actress in the movie.

They are expected to be sold for over $1000. Why not go ahead and try these shoes on the way Cinderella did it, may be it will fit you well and will become yours forever!

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Ruby Slippers

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