Get Dazzled by Swarovski Crystal Binoculars

Next time you go to see Eiffel tower on the Europe trip, you can really stand apart from the crow if you sport this Swarovski binoculars. Well, if you ask me what has Swarovski got to do with a peek machine, I would tell you, vanity has no limits sir! So, if it does not tempt you particularly, be assured that your better half would be drooling over it. Now let me tell you more. Beautifully decked with sparkling Swarovski, the pocket binoculars are available in three versions i.e. the Idomeneo, the Nabucco and the Tosca. Idomeoco comes in sparkling gole color and the Nabucco has an elegant classy look whereas the Tosca gives a shimmering crystals look.

The beautiful binoculars are priced at each $1000.

Via TheCrystalPocket
Swarovski Crystal Binoculars

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