Tabbert Paganini Caravan: A Room of Your Own

If I could, I would. And now that I can, I surely will. Tired am I of traveling day and night for some assignment or going to some relative’s place and having my life turned upside down completely. Now I plan to save for the latest Caravan house that I intend to buy. Tabbert Paganini is a caravan that fits elegantly in my plans. It has comfortable interiors, proper lighting and enough space to breathe in style. LED spotlights can be adjusted high or dim according to mood. Oopps, did I mention the three-burner Spinflo cooker having a classy glass panel, and a useful189 liter refrigerator. From the pics, the shower looks spacious enough.

Tabbert’s flagship comes in three versions, from 25 to 28 feet that weighs between 1795 kg (3,957 lbs) and 1975 kg (4,354 lbs). All yours for $55,000. Now I can travel, cook, sleep, bathe, read and do what ever I want in this caravan of my dreams. And will lock myself up inside when I really want to be all by myself! And when I want, I can easily fly away in my house on wheels!
Tabbert Paganini
Tabbert Paganini
Tabbert Paganini

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Tabbert Paganini

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