Pricey Yet Priceless: The New Maserati Sterling Silver Pen

“The pen is mightier than the sword” wrote Edward Bulwer-Lytton. Little did he know that in future it will be ‘costlier’ also than most things! While it might disappoint our friends who have leftist inclination, the fact is, that pen, once considered a weapon of the intellectuals, has now become a status symbol. Well I am not going to crib or cry about that. If we can spend millions on our silly whims and fantasies, splurging on the good ol’ pen does make sense to me. ( to be taken with a pinch of salt!)

The new Maserati sterling silver pen is designed by none other than Armando Simoni, the true blue native of Italy. Only thing is, he makes a rinascimento in luxury goods! A total of 1,914 pens is all that the company is launching, in memory of the year when the company was established (1,914) as a status symbol.

The pens are available in roller and fountain both. The roller ball costs $2500 and the fountain one is appropriately priced at $2750.

Via Luxist
Silver Pen

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