Buy a Toy House for $169,000, Get a House Free

Have you ever heard about any one giving their house for free if you buy a replica of the house? I am sure none of us have heard about this cranky thing. That precisely is the reason why Gerry Mann and Cindy Mann are selling the toy house for $169,000 and offering their four-bedroom, two-bathroom home as free.

The couple living at 221 Bradley St were tired of waiting for any customers to arrive at their door for more than an year. Gerry Mann explained his classic case thus: “The Realtors do the normal thing; they put us in the book, they have an open house. So after a year I was thinking, I don’t know, I have this dollhouse sitting in my basement, let me see if I can do some creative marketing.”

Their ancestor, retired engineer late Ron Cadwell made a replica of the home 50 years back using a 1-foot-to-1-inch scale, as a play house for children. Little did he know that he his little replica home would be worth hundreds of thousands!

Via Yahoo / BattleCreekEnquirer
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