A-Frame RV Surpasses the Conservative Frivolous Coupe Models

The very mention of RV can be seen as an overt reason for filthy-rich to rejoice on those otherwise vacant campgrounds. The thought of inking deal with one real AV may offer a momentary pleasure but reality is possessing it would mean digging a big hole in your pocket as it demands few million dollars. If you fall short of paying those pricey figures, then the model featured above is worth taking home. Called A-Frame RV, it features a towable accessory, which is attached to the likes of a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

A-Frame RV

Against the conservative RVs, the A-Frame model sports a roof-extension that is efficient enough to unfold offering a space corresponding to a regular model. Designed and developed by Chalet RV from Albany, christened as the Chalet Dormer, it requires not even three minutes to raise the entire trailer. The model can station 25 gallons of fresh water, tagging it as a worthy vehicle for extensive campsites. The deserving price of the A-Frame RV may expect you to shell out $25, 575 (counting accessories) that it not even one-fourth of the cost of RV.

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A-Frame RV

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