The Cosmo: A Bathtub that Sports 17″ Touch-sensitive LCD

If that ideal combo of luxury meeting nerds desires of bathtub with attached TV fails to interest you then here you have a second option worth considering. Di Vapor has developed a single person luxury TV bath mechanism that gives uber-rich nerds a potential reason to flaunt their fat bank balances and elite taste.

Christened as the Cosmo, the whirlpool bathtub sports 17″ remote controlled touch-sensitive LCD, touch sensitive control panel, timed auto shut-off function for Jets, 7 Hydro massage jets, 9 bubble jets, 6 back massage jets, customized air massage, adjustable water jets, underwater light, fully programmable FM radio with memory function video input (DVD, TV, console etc).

The Cosmo

It also provides hand shower water level sensor single padded head rest RCD (Residual Current Device) that would soothe your tired muscles.

Dimensions: 1900mm 850mm 680mm

Price: 2495

The Cosmo

The Cosmo

The Cosmo

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The Cosmo

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