Elite Find of the Day: Shooter Fire Extinguisher Concept

The mundane forms of fire extinguishers fall short to pose a stoppage before the utility attached to the product. And hence arouses the higher degree of probability for users ending up compromising with its dull appeal. But the birth of designers and anticipated advent of their creations can be seen as putting “THE END” note to this cause of compromise. Aimed at adding a designer touch to the tedious and lackluster fire extinguisher, here stands a radical refit of the externl appeal. Structured no less than a Shooter, the fire extinguisher is a must-have device for those in love with Nerf guns. The rifle-shaped Shooter extinguisher by designers Eunjung Kim, Yangwoo Kim and Junyi Heo features fully loaded CO2 cartridges, enabling you slay off small accidental fires in the environs (as huge fires can only be cooled down using fire brigade).

The neat construction of the life-saviour device would aim the smoke precisely via the laser guidance system whereas an alarm switch enables you make the neighbours aware that fire has broken out (on crisis-days when smoke detectors fail to work). Designers have done their job well now its manufacturers turn to flaunt their expertise.
Shooter Fire Extinguisher
Shooter Fire Extinguisher
Shooter Fire Extinguisher
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Shooter Fire Extinguisher

Shooter Fire Extinguisher

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