Draganfly X6: Radio Controlled Helicopter Features Camera and GPS

The Draganfly offering of helicopter cameras got a welcoming response buy they say the lately unveiled Draganfly X6 is ultra-appealing. Its triple-tipped carbon fiber structure sports two carbon rotors on both ends and intelligent construction enables it move in all directions swiftly, providing sufficient control to zip about indoors yet oppose up to 18 miles per hour of wind. Monitored by a distant radio, the purpose behind the development of mini helicopter Draganflyer X6 is to lug wireless video cameras and still cameras. They say a pair of glasses would feature the same thing as the hatchet in the air, while you are footing on the floor with the handheld regulator. For safety, reconnaissance, scrutiny, damage assessment, investigation, real estate endorsement, or marketing, it is suggestible to use the high definition motion video provided by the Draganflyer X6 helicopter.

Draganfly X6

The eminent feature of the Draganflyer X6 is its miniscule structure that allows it to fly indoors againat other full-size helicopters or airplanes and is colossal enough to fly outside in winds at a speed of 30km/h (18mph). It is accessible using 11 sensors and thousands of lines of regulations to self-stabilize during flight.
Draganfly X6
Draganfly X6

Via Gizmodo / GeekAlters
Draganfly X6

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  • Hi, I like this copter. I am looking at designing, not necessarily building, my own trip-copter. I am struggling to find resources. I am wondering if yo can help me. I want to design one with two main props, maybe two pairs, with one smaller stabilising prop. For starters I am wondering what this configuration is called? If you were willing I would love some extra resources.

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