UK-Built Solar Plane Marks World Record For Longest Unmanned Expedition

Christened as Zephyr-6, the solar-driven plane designed in UK has lately marked an informal flight fortitude record by making an unmanned flight for over three days. The manifestation of the aircraft was scheduled in the US state of Arizona and is claimed as a revolution in military astuteness. Developed by QinetiQ, the airliner doesn’t entail fueling stop as the incorporated solar panels are suffice to stockpile solar energy required to carry night maneuvers.

A spokesperson shared with BBC: “Zephyr can be anticipated to be devloped as a complete operational system in coming two years.”

Solar Plane

The Zephyr ascended to a height of 60,000 ft, where it monitored on autopilot for continuous 82 hours in the air.

Via GadgetsNGizmos / DesignBoom
Solar Plane

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