Preserve Your Secrets: When in Harm, Let the Secret Eat Itself

Not every body wants to share their thoughts, and so not all of us would like our diary to become public one day like Anne Frank’s or Fanny Burney’s or Samuel Pepys’. Frankly, it gives me nightmares everytime a think some stupid grand child of mine would publish my diary posthumously, to be critiqued and made fun of by half-wits. More horrfying is the thought of my partner secretly reading all my entries. There is an urge inside all of us to speak to the invisible or to speak to one’s own self but many things deter us from doing so, especially the last reason.

But not any more. The Secret Diary lets you speak in style. The Secret Diary encrypts entries stored on it via 256-bit AES crypto so that it cannot be read by anyone apart from the legitimate owner. And, it can even self destruct itself when some one tries to access it without proper codes.

The secret diary is a fit resource to store all your confidential information such as your bank details, in case diary writing does not appeal you. The price is not yet declared but I am sure I will be queuing up for it the moment it is launched, no matter if it means going on peanuts for the rest of the month.

Via EverythingUSB / UberGizmo

Secret Diary

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