Loosen Your Purse Strings for The Perse Cruiser Experience

Get retro and go back to the era of ’50s and ’60s with the Beach Cruiser. But, you don’t have to compromise the technology to go back to your parent’s age. Trust James Perse for he is here to give you your very own cruiser with a vintage feel but modern features. Each machine is custom build for you ( or your loved one!) and can serve as the perfect reminder of your first beach night out together.

If you are one of those fussy ones, here I give a complete list of the features to make you believe that I am not lying when I say that this cruiser is the thing to go for. It has a Hydroform steel frame, billet aluminum stem, hand-aged leather seat and grips, extra wide 2″ rims and 2.125″ tires.

If you still ask me, “what else?”, I can give you the shocker by telling you that each James Perse Cruiser is custom built and includes a limited edition serial number, just for you.

Feeling special, eh?

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Perse Cruiser

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