Au Unveils Ply Phone Concept Cum Mobile Office

EliteChoice is being witnessed as a den for concepts offering luxurious stay to prospective manufacturers. And exemplifying this stands high–the Ply concept phone designed by Hideo Kanbara all set to rock the KDDI Designing Studio. Befiiting the needs of your demanding job, the conceptual phone enables you stay close to office while comuniting. Derived from the design of multilayered plywood, the proactiveness of the Ply concept is purely dependent upon the distinct functionality attached to its various layers ranging from a photo printer to game controller and also mini digital projector.

‘Donning the appeal of a concept, the Ply phone has potential to attain its possible realistic features. Considering the crazy gaming culture of Japan and evolving handsets, the regulator layer is an explicit plus, albeit it is suggestible to access the wireless version while using the incorporated projector. If curious to know more about the ply used for the development of the concept, kindly visit the KDDI Designing Studio in Harajuku.
Ply Phone Concept

And you have to control your senses before they go wild with a thought to hold the handset as it is till eyeing an elite manufacturer, who can do justice to the personality of the concept.

Ply Phone Concept

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