Seattle Sells Off $5 mn Automated Public Restrooms for $12,549

I strongly reckon that mechanized public pay toilets have literal connotations. By this I mean, they are trained well to auto-cleaning likewise high-tech robot toilets that enables the user to stay inside for as longer duration (as per their wishes), and then clean up all the verification after the fact. But little was I aware that auctioning of such pricey models would fetch a visible loss to the company. News is counted five automated toilets in Seattle that were priced at $5 million lately got sold to Butch Behn, owner of Racecar Supply in Rochester, Wash on a spill over of mere $12,549. A neat loss in million dollars!

Behn plans to employ two of the units at the South Sound Speedway and is considering the remaining three for reselling in future. The information disclosed by USA Today doesnt mention if these models were refurbished before exhibiting them for auction.

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Automated Public Restrooms

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