Explore Antarctica Via Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle

With technology infusing life to every corner of the inhabitable zones, now it is marking its entry to the dilapidated corners of the orb. And credit for this goes to its futuristic feats likewise the Concept Ice Vehicle from Lotus. Against your expectations of facilitating leisure and entertaining activities, the latest ice automobile from Lotus is developed to make a trip to Antarctica during the Moon Regan TransAntarctic Expedition. Aimed at exploring the region, it is made up of tough material to endure the sternness of polar surroundings. The neat walk doesn’t leave the footprints behind as the CIV runs on biofuel. It is an ideal vehicle for the region suffering the worst brunt of global warming.

The Ice Vehicle sports three skids and is 4.5 meters long and 4.5 meters wide with an autonomous suspension. It is also en suite with ice piercing radar that can perceive crevasses. The spear foot beneath the cockpit is thought to aid brake pedal on icy topography. With such potential concepts evolving, there arises a hope for Eskimos to park ice vehicles out side their igloos.

Check out the video:

Via AutoBlog / ZeroCustoms
Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle

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