House-In-A-Box is an Ideal Space Camp

If your desire to spend a night in one-of-those spacecraft tents seen in Star Trek is crossing the bridge of your patience then consider the Octagon Tent-in-a-box house. Developed and designed by Sago Mokuzai, the handy home befits your crisis needs despite its miniscule size but it may not satiate those tough adventurers and may arouse their want to take it to the next level. The alleged cost of the product is set at 150,000 yen ($1,350), but taking into consideration the materials used, the insta-home ideally should cost few $$$$ less than your city house, which has a slightly better appeal. If wish to install the studio apartment, then it may cross the $2,000 per month score.

So, any good day you feel like playing Mission to Mars then this can be your perfect venue.

Via Dvice

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