$15,000 iPhone Leather Case Screams Luxury

If that noisy “I am Rich” declaration doesn’t befit your personality and you wish to choose a silent yet shiny way to flaunt your opulent lifestyle then here is one that will leave people marvel your pricey possessions’. Here is my logic: There is nothing blue about the fact you can afford to ink pricey deals until you have additional dough to don it in equally princely pouches. You may choose to practice this exercise of compromise on any sundry gadget, home accessory or bath fitting but dare not disrespect the appeal of the iPhone 3G.

Respecting the buzz it created and that unending queue that started forming two-days prior to its scheduled delivery, here comes a diamond layered leather case to owe a tribute to its timely offering. Designed and developed by designer Mathieu Cattelan of Noreve, it may seem a ravish purchase to many but at the same time doesn’t vouch for a reason when elite section f society is in quotient. Priced at $14,990, the designer leather case targeted to dress iPhone 3G comes encrusted with 272 diamonds weighing 6.8 karats, all plugged in proportionately.

If you scan deeply then Noreve St. Tropez logo is imprinted elegantly on the back of the pouch and features a cultured internal coating to shield the appliance optimally. It is a marketing technique on behalf of company to promote the Noreve brand.

iPhone Leather Case

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