Prospot Fusion HG6: Rich Way To Stay Fit

I am envious of those filthy-rich folks owning a fat amount of dough to be spent upon their recreational activities and fitness. And their argument: good built is all about good fitness regime has no substance. I strongly believe to have a healthy built, one should have enough money to ink deals with all pricey needful that are prerequisites for a strong built. To begin with: An elite home gym as exclusive as the Prospot Fusion HG6 can do the needful. For sure walking steps up and sliding down thousand of times during a day can stand no where to the activity of jogging in a gym having an integrated media center right on its face. All it expects from you is to follow a routine.

Prospot Fusion HG6

The home gym features three varied-height cable pulleys which otherwise can be used as a barbell alteration. Itís roomy installation gives you enough space for dips, leg extensions, curls and even intersect activities. There is a possibility to access the entire system from a wheelchair.
Priced at $4,699, Fusion HG6 demands another spare $1299 for a media centre. The kit comes equipped with accessories like ankle strap, exercise mat and stability ball.
Prospot Fusion HG6

Prospot Fusion HG6

Prospot Fusion HG6

Prospot Fusion HG6

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