Elite Find of the Day: Aquaduct, Mobile Drinking Water Filtration Concept

With the surging need for water and comparatively less supply or more wastage, it is now posing a question to our existence. It is the sole thing that helps us rehydrate and disinfect our self. And I feel pity for areas facing the water scarcity that makes them compromise to their routine schedule. Having realized this; the Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle concept is being devised by designers David Janssens, John Lai, Adam Mack, Brian Mason, Eleanor Morgan and Paul Silberschatz. The mobile concept comes outfitted with a large tank along with a smaller one called the clean tank. The functionality of the concept details from haulage, filtration and storage of water for use in the developing era. While peddling, the pump connected to the knob will pull water from the large water tank (passing through the filter) and lastly to the clean tank.

This procedure can be practiced whilst wandering and also when you are on hold. The clutch within employs and then unfastens the drive belt from pedal crank, enabling the rider to carry on with sieving process. So, are you set to ride over this feature-packed potential concept?

Check out this video:

Via Tuvie / iGreenSpot

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