Elite Find of the Day: Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

Around 430 LEDs infuse life to the Luxeed latest unveiling of LED Keyboard. The keyboard is competent of independently illuminating every key in your pick of shade. Further, it can play some appealing ingenious activities like a vigorous rainbow crossway all the keys or shining keys on a soft press of a button. The apex of the arrow keys sports four “preset” buttons that enables you instantaneously select among diverse customizable lit skin presets. The very application aims at setting a radiant skin for your preferred game with special shades to point each key action, or producing illuminated archetypes and designs.

Available in black or white, the keys of the pallid Luxeed have a lucent look and light up more vibrantly than the black, but the black Luxeed has a trendy behavior with only the letters being enlightened. Priced at $200 each the Luxeeds keyboards can be complemented with keypads retailed at $35. It also offers programming software only accessible for Windows.

Check the video:

Via PocketLint / FayerWayer

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