Leaf 56-megapixel AFi 10 Costs $43,675

Time for a digital scan! Tell me honestly how many megapixels your personal digital camera can shoot? 20 or 25? But these numbers fall short before Leaf’s latest offering of Leaf 56-megapixel AFi 10 medium-format digital camera. You heard it correct, the case in pit digital camera has a potential to capture a gigantic 56 megapixels’ merit of visual data in a particular reflection. It is a direct indication that you ought to have a decent amount of storage resolution unless it eats up your memory card just after 5 shots. Its True Wide Frame (TWF) featuring 56mm x 36mm sensor is also attuned with 80 plus other large format cameras. News is the AFi 10 is expected to hit the market sometime in Q4 of running year at a demanding price of $43,675.

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AFi 10

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