Luxury Leatherman Knife Costs $40,000


Picture this: MacGyver or any random but serious outdoorsy and gadget-freak nerd happens to be rapt in the lethal precincts of the deluxe five-star hotel with certain terms and conditions: Room service is engaged and the janitor could only acquire loggia seats for the opera.

Does it mean that MacGyver would feel the fright and create noise about his panicky situation? No, as the overt condition that I intentionally didn’t mention is the company of the $40,000 Leatherman knife with him. Lately, Leatherman’s celebrated its 25th anniversary by unveiling Argentum collection detailing the modest $12,000 Acanto, $40,000 Dorado, all impressive creations by Argentinean artist Adrian Pollarols.

Can’t help but to marvel the blingy shapes of these creations!
Leatherman Knife
Leatherman Knife
Leatherman Knife

Via GadgetsBlog / BoingBoing / Gizmodo
Leatherman Knife

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