Ready to be Killed: Bulletproof Clothing by Miguel Caballero

The rising crime rate in the world can be seen as a reason for Miguel Caballero’s having deep pockets. Engaged into designing bulletproof clothing for past 16-years, the Colombian designer maintains its charm in high-security fashion by unveiling various revolutionary offerings. With all efforts invested to have a security shield without missing on style, Miguel lately unveiled his novel collection detailing blazers, slickers and suede jackets, some sated with a reassuring stab-proof coating at his London department store Harrods. The collection aims at offering three levels of ballistic defense to its proud holders.

Few of the apparels include a polo shirt that can endure a whack from a 9-mm handgun valued at $7,500 whilst another version costing $9,800 shields wearers from mechanical weapons, counting mini-Uzis. If figures do make a difference to you then it generated sales of $9 million in 2007. The Caballero-secured clothing is now becoming the choice of high-profile clients i.e. King Abdullah of Jordan, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and actor Stephen Segal. Mind you, the elite clan loves security and style as they have a heart to spill over the hidden cost involved.

Bulletproof Clothing

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