Meridian 810 Reference Video System Enjoys Edge Over Your TV

If you thought that you will reach the apex of the TV resolution peak after attaining that bitching novel 50 inch 1080p screen installed in your crib, then I would suggest you to rethink. Hailing from England’s Meridian, the latest offering of 810 Reference projection system redefines your experience of throwing wheelbarrows stocked with dough pointing to a problem. The 810 Reference Video System flaunts 4096×2400 resolution (10 megapixels) and is capable to offer quality images even on the most gigantic screen.

It features a video scaler accessible on a technology known as Qdeo, coming from a company called Marvell. Excuse me…its not Marvel but double L. I am sure that comes equipped with real super heroic scaling power as linking to the projector requires no less than 4 HDMI cables. Silent in functionality, the 810 Reference Video System is anticipated to hit the market by this fall holding a price tag of $185,000.

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