Exerbike Pro Game Bike: Cause Pedal Governs Your Triumph Here!

The very notion that our lifestyle is getting addicted to desktops, laptops and other random installed in-house mechanism that tend to add weight to our body needs a revision as there is always an alternative available. The question here is about choices! The case in point is the uncompromising nature of folks who have developed a passion for video games at the cost of getting extra layers of fat and compensating on their schedule that starts with a doe of exercise. But bringing an end to their unidentified yet worth focusing upon weird lifestyle, here stands an Exerbike Pro, the Game Bike that enables you stay glued to your video game whilst you pedal. The good part is the faster you pedal, the quicker you budge in the sport and it comes with an option for Playstation2 that unswervingly monitors your preferred video game. The involved commercial viability feature of the Exerbike Pro will certainly get all gamers fretting it out on their consoles while they shoot, aim, battle and save the world.

The flexible and customized ergonomically contoured seating along with handlebars enhances your workout in both vertical and racing pose. The functional Magnatech resistance technology results in its silent behavior without any friction. The on-board 40-games availability would surely enrich your gaming and fitness experience. Easy to be installed, it requires 5X5 feet space and come with a 2 year warranty.

Check out the video here:

Exerbike Pro Game Bike

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