Elite Gadget of the Week: Lav Nav

And this week the savvy readers of coolest-gadget picked Lav Nav featured over Decidewhattobuy as their coolest gadget of the week (cgotw). Those looking for ways to keep their girlfriend happy shall get one now, others can still make efforts to do justice to their married-partner. Not at all, there is no hidden magic but the idea is to cut down those frequent late-night toilet visits leading to unreasonable arguments in the morning.

The great usage attached to lav nav directs even the sleepiest affiliate to the anticipated objective. Fixed underneath your toilet lid, minute LED lights feels someone forthcoming and act as a landing band to make sure the thriving gathering of pee and ceramic. The physically and socially adapted gadget has more features attached as it shines red when the toilet seat’s downward, signifying that discharge deferment should happen awaiting the lid is raised up and then the green signal directs you to proceed. And cheers to Mike Constantine for being fortunate enough to win the $50 Amazon voucher.
Lav Nav

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