$200,000 Parnian Executive Desk is World’s Most Expensive One

Very often I realize that my list of world’s most expensive elite products can never be complete as lately I come across another world’s priciest obsession. And this time the crown goes to Parnian, designer cum retailer behind the creation of world’s most expensive Executive Desk. Priced over $200,000, the desk features clear lines, high luster and striking, mysterious woods as ebony and Carpathian elm mark the trend statement these days, as said by Ali Parnian, owner of Parnian Furniture located in Scottsdale.

It is being told that this priciest desk is developed using six diverse types of exotic woods and a customized piece of glass. Designed explicitly for Parnian’s North Scottsdale, Arizona showroom, the designer spent almost five-months to produce this valuable creation. The firm engaged in the creation of such elite offering is an established name in the industry and is being fabricating ‘Power Desks’ for renowned CEOs, industry moguls and celebrities.

parnian desk $200,000 Parnian Executive Desk is Worlds Most Expensive One

The cost of these valuable and customized furniture piece starts at $6,000 and may touch sky considering the customization and supplies used. The installation of this execustive desk would surely stabilize your interiors but make sure it doesn’t disturb your bank stability.

parnian desk $200,000 Parnian Executive Desk is Worlds Most Expensive One

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