Elite Find of the Day: The $100,000 Jetpack by Glenn Martin

Yes, this deserves a presence over here as it claims to be “the world’s first practical jetpack” by a New Zealand born Glenn Martin, 48. Not coming from the movies or comic strips, the $100,000 Jetpack made its first visibility at the EAA AirVenture, the colossal yearly air show. The flying gear is an out product of Glenn’s 27 years of efforts invested in developing such a device. Measuring five-feet tall, its rotors are sheathed in two bulky channels with an appeal that of a cupcake. Standing on three legs, the Jetpack comes equipped with twin rotors and 200-horsepower engine that generates 600 lbs of thrust and can be piloted 30 miles within 30-minutes with a fuel-gas tank populated with around five gallons.

Functional via a joy stick-like control, it demands a spill over of few $$$$ from your deep pockets along with 15-hours of training session in order to take you fly one of Martin Jetpacks. And if doubt the safety factor involved then would propose you to ignore than void thought as before making it public Martin made his wife Vanessa do a test piloting. Those still looking for a second option can consider world’s first practical three-wheeled flying car.

For virtual ride on this, check out the video here:

Via NYTimes/ Geekologie

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