Are You Ready For In-flight Shower, Courtesy Emirates Airlines

With inflation maintaining its two-digit figure and fuel prices portraying a deep southward curve, it may seem to bother you but those with deep pockets are happily enjoying the luxuries of life. With enough amount of money to burn, the In-flight showers from Emirates is now being seen as an excuse by folks owning fat bank balances to enjoy a ride. Undoubtedly, the world�s best airline, proclaimed �shower spas� service, which will offer each of the 14 first-class passengers a five-minute douse in-flight. Substituting numerous airplane bathrooms, the confined stand has integrated traffic lights to make you aware when your five minutes bathe is over. To offer this deluxe comfort, the airliner is loaded with over 1000 pounds worth of water with little adding to the cost of Airliner Company as fortunate and desiring passengers are ready to spill over $9374 for a plane ticket and mind you the shower cannot be counted as mere half of the profligacy.

Each of those seated 14 first-classers will have a private suite featuring remote-controlled doors, mini bar, work desk, and a lay-flat bed with incorporated massager. It�s a warm invitation to feel high by enjoying the stay in a five-mile-high club. It would be no exaggeration if we consider U.S airlines new avatar as a cattle car.

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