VR Treadmill for Patients and Guess Introvert Nerds!

Yes, patients with stroke now can do away with the burden of being glued up to their beds as now they can be hopeful to burn their stress and rejuvenate whilst being at home. Also, those introvert nerds can now join the queue as there cannot be a better way to workout without beating the front door. The dome shaped treadmill here sports an arched VR display ion its face. Designed and developed by University of Tsukuba Japan, the VR treadmill can lodge an 80kg person at an on foot speed of 1m/sec with pace of 80 cms. Offering a viewing angle of 270 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically, the development of VR Treadmill is still under process and may prove to be pricey for hospitals.

Agreed, the suspended VR display may divert you from your workout position but envisage the video game potential.

Check out the video:

Via NewLaunches

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