Portable Pocket Shower

The seasonal feature of our planet earth doesnt allow us enjoy rains throughout. Also, the thought of very existence of a portable bathroom seems a remote possibility. But your desire to enjoy the shower irrespective of other two causes mentioned above can be fulfilled. Popularly known as signature American Sea to Summit, the pocket shower comes in a form of a backpack. Designed and developed using sturdy plastic, a dispenser comes equipped at its one end facilitating the fall of water. Flexible enough to be carried to a vacation spot; it can easily be wrapped into a small portfolio once not in used. It is dependent upon two essential rudiments i.e. a close by source of water and secondly the presence of a nearby tree, where it can be fixed and you can enjoy a comfortable shower.


If it performs as has been declared then the creation is going to be a really bargain for mere $18. No harm in carrying one, who knows when does we develop such need?

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