Cyber Stature Alice For Lonely Nerds, Courtesy Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR), which literally reflects a perfect blend of virtual world and reality is a cool concept that directs to constructive relevance in routing arrangement, medication, construction and other diverse areas. Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc. [JP] lately discovered a way to assist all solo otaku conquer their tribulations in identifying a real girl friend. Their substitute to cure solitude 2.0 is called Dennou Figure ARis, and in English lingual it is known as Cyber Figure Alice. If curious to know how it works, read further. Shoppers obtain the AR software, 2 cyber sticks and 2 cyber cubes and place one these cubes before their PC pointing a webcam towards it. And the interesting outcome would be a screen exhibiting a 3D image of Alice footing on apex of the chop. With the help of cyber sticks, you can then feel, cuddle and (obviously) peer at your novel girl friend.

For the naughty geeks, it is also doable to strip off Alice and vary her attire. Word is around that this incredible offering of otaku madness is set to be sold off in Japan early this fall. With no language barriers involved, it is overt that Cyber Figure Alice can also be picked by American and European web shops focused in Otaku products as well.

Check out the video:

Via CrunchGear / AsiaJin

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