Elite Scan: Top 11 Realistic Simulators

Get, Set and Go! Those who reckon that spilling few $$$$ over steering wheel and pedals can make them a racing god shall excuse me. It might not be the case but the possibilities are matchless. All you need to do is to accompany a Simulator and enjoy the power of wheels. Simulation connotes imitation of some real thing, product or process. Realizing the power of the word and the desire in you, manufacturers gear up to assemble and deliver diverse form of simulators i.e. Sports simulators, Driving Simulators, Flight simulators or shooting simulators. The idea is to rejuvenate you without moving out. The existence of these simulators takes away all your fears by making you hone your driving or racing skills over it.

And respecting the amount of inclination our contemporaries have, here I have made an effort to dig out the top 11 realistic and stimulated simulators that may force you to take a deep breath.

11) $6,500 Sports Simulator from VST

The creation declares aloud that its time to revamp one’s gaming den. You may have desire for tennis or baseball against other members of family who rejuvenate themselves by getting engaged in bowling or fishing.no worries as VST considers all. Retailed at $6,500, each simulator comprise of a complex kit including PC, projector system with projection screen plus, playing court, hence delivering the prerequisites required. The variety of simulators detailing here include the VST Tennis Simulator, The VST Bowling Simulator, The VST Baseball Simulator and the VST Fishing Simulator. Without compromising the thrill of gaming, these devices behave as stand-alone mechanism offering a realistic fun that enables you burn stress.

10) Force Dynamics 301 Driving Simulator

Beware: A ride on Force Dynamics 301 Driving Simulator doesn’t expect you to practice Gran Turismo on your sofa as chances are you may find yourself close to a rough spell of glum.The 301 Driving Simulation System sports a wild motive racing sim cockpit that mirrors your in-game faction with connected actions externally. It’s overt that must have heard about or seen it over online but here you get a chance to enjoy the youtube video.

9) £12,500 VRX MACH 4 Racing Simulator

Tagged as the world’s most premium racing and entertainment simulator, the VRX Mach 4 aims at addressing a new meaning to the world of gaming. It features four Xbox 360s that offers power to three Sharp Aquos 37-inch 1080p LCD screens along with a 7in LCD screen, which is a rear-view mirror. Running on Microsoft Force Feedback Steering wheel, the racing simulator features 1500 Watt Tactile Vibration Feedback System, 1900 Watt Tactile Power Amplifier, Sparco automotive seat slider, an erected polished aluminium speaker, LED lighting effects and above all a beverage containment system. Compatible with the Wii, Windows PC and the PS3 too, the racing simulator is not for easy pockets and would surely dig a deep pocket by making you shell out £12,500.

8) Duck Hunt Shooting Simulator From Marksman Training Systems

Real hunters can never accept the gesture of holding a bogus gun facing a miniature TV. Rather they take it as an insult to the name of real hunters. But however, I am hopeful that you stay happy in your world of fantasies. For other lot, who aspires to face the real hunting shall build buoyancy to face the ST-2 Shooting Simulator. Designed and developed by Marksman Training Systems, this gigantic arrangement allows you grasp real guns to envisage hunting phony animals. After affixing a camera on the crest of the gun, you may feel as if you are pointing a deadly bludgeon towards a fateful alive, upholding a vigilance that you don’t drip over valuable bullets by chopping the existence of a bird. Little do I wonder for the possibility of a day when even ducks would have an access to the weapon?

7) DaVinci Driving Simulator from Mirage 3D

Yes, you heard it right. The DaVinci simulator can walk on its wheels. The offering by Mirage3D features passenger seat, 5 channel Dolby digital 5.1 surround or 2.1 system and customizing the steering and pedals needs it can be installed for a left or right hand drive. If you have an appetite for racing then it’s to familiarize yourself with the roll bars, ultra-realistic working gauges observed by an occupied “Smart Box” PC. The Da Vinci Rig can be seen as an over opportunity to flaunt racing guts with an integrated seat belt that revere your safety concern.

6) Eball In-House Golf Simulator

Our packed work-schedules don’t allow us to stay fit and at times expect us to compromise our passion for gaming. But not all are open for such deal. Supporting the latter lot, here is a blessing for golf-lovers. Not it’s not a portable golf-club rather a composite golf simulator that is easy to be installed in your underground room or turf. Available in two editions (an inflatable al fresco version and a stable edition), the EBall’s Golf Simulator appeals no less than a masterpiece. Featuring a huge screen, it imitates pragmatic imagery of golf courses and comes outfitted with ball sensors that assess your tee even as you swing your real golf club, and then offer the golf ball nautical across the effective golf course.

5) Full Motion Helicopter/Airplane Simulator

Popularly known as the full motion flight simulator, it was seen at eBay facing a tug of war inviting the fat bidder. Capable to simulate airplane or helicopter flight, its controls are functional for helicopters with a felicity to be easily accessed by airplane controls. With a 3 to 4 feet screen installed on the face of the occupants, it is likely to offer a being in action feel. The simulator is accessible using Microsoft flight sim and battle flight software. The airplanes here details WWII aircraft and the helicopters include the Apache, Comanche, Little Bird and Huey. Well, you make you mentally prepare, it managed to arouse a starting bid of $100,000.

4) Motion-Pro II Simulator from CXC Simulations

If you don’t have time and space to venture into real sports but wish to enjoy the similar pleasure then its time to ink a neat deal with the Motion-Pro II Simulator from CXC Simulations. Developed to proffer a realistic racing experience within the four boundaries, the simulator comes integrated with full-motion technologies, force feedback and high-tech control systems. It also features incorporated PC hardware, CXC Racing software, AV technology, 505 watt true 5.1 surround sound system along with a colossal subwoofer en suite with four high-tech tremor transducers. The 46-inch full HD screen is preferred chiefly for terrific contrast ratios, brilliance and color dispersal. Its F1-style row shifter and the force-feedback navigation scheme augment the rider with absolutely receptive routing confrontation and tactile pointer. Easy to be configured independently, the handcrafted appeal adds to the beauty of the Motion Pro II Simulator.

3) $55,000 Full Swing Golf Simulator

Now Golfing cannot be restricted to the precincts of an outdoor sport. With money enabling them purchase time, they are able to reap the fitness benefits whilst staying at home. But you ought to reside in a palace and not den to accommodate this colossal Simulator. Measuring 13 feet (W) x 20 feet (L) x 10.5 feet (H), the $55,000 Full Swing Golf Simulator features a windows-based PC, video projector with a distinctness of owning two infrared beams curtains that are displayed on the face of the screen. It releases 60,000 pulses per second, and the PC software inside takes no time to calculate the route the minute golf ball surpasses through them.

2) Dreamflyer Flight Simulator Costs $3000

Agreed the prospective customers for flight simulation comprise of very few numbers but their determined nature augments the production of contemporary models. Realizing this, the DreamFlyer has unveiled the motion simulator chassis that features a figure-hugging sports style seat, a Saitek X-52 pro flight system with rudder pedals with chair floating in two-dimensions. In absence of motors or power supply, the simulator is mechanically driven by a joystick. Capable to hold 120Kg, all you are expected to do is to balance your chair as per your weight and posture. It is available on a drop of $3000 and to make it complete, you are expected to plug in PC and screen(s).

1) $105,000 Flyit Professional Helicopter Simulator

Time to feel high without any alcoholic impressions!
Those who categorize themselves as an utter beginner or a expert pro with a desire to test their pilot abilities, here is an offering developed considering your safety and disgruntled requirements. Christened as Flyit’s awfully pragmatic Professional Helicopter Simulators, it allows you log inestimable hours of airtime in a cosseted and cost-efficient mechanism. This two-person personalized field offers access to a PC-controlled screen, mechanized to summon up 24,000 airdromes and their climatic conditions. Priced at $105,000, the software offers a specific voyage model including translational lift, floor effect, torque and auto-rotation.

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