Boeing 747 Jumbo Turned Into a Restaurant, Courtesy Korean Entrepreneur

With Boeing and Airbus busy developing latest models of airliners, a thought evolves where to shun world’s marketable fleets that have minted money till date. Are they supposed to be shunned away? Well, transforming them into fragment metal or retrieving as many old parts as possible is one common argument but it seems an astute industrialist based in Korea cannot settle at anything less than extraordinary. And hence here stands World’s fist Boeing 747 (numbered N747-10) turned into a restaurant and still maintaining its identity of a profitable venture. With no answer to how the aircraft was transported to this site, it claims to accommodate over 150 tables.

You would be glad to know that one of the engines of 747 Jumbo has been rehabilitated to a daily privileged menu so that clients can choose what to order before boring their flight.
Enjoy the distant visit to this airplane turned restaurant.
Boeing 747 Jumbo

Boeing 747 Jumbo

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