Dancing Fingers: Interface For iPhone-Challenged Nerds

Among the swarm of prospective customers wanting to ink deal with new iPhone, for sure there would be at least 5% who feel handicap to buy one for cause remaining fat finger syndrome that won’t fit well the magnificent touch screen of the iPhone. For this unfortunate lot, is there any competent substitute that Apple is planning to deliver? Well, no clue about that in the technology-driven world, these iPhone-less populace can consider the option of procuring an assistive apparatus called Dancing Fingers. Designed by Beijing, China native Alfred Chu, the concept device would befit cozily onto your catalog and center fingers, hence enabling your chubby digits to begin jazzing across. Sooner, it’s going to be a universal, enabling enter to the digital marvels of our time.
Via Coroflot / Dvice

Dancing Fingers

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