World’s most expensive AV cable Costs $32,825

Called White light Glass Fiber Optic Cable, it is designed especially for the astute shopper who demands the signal transfer performance at par from this intermediate. Urbanized by Nordost, the cable offers terrific outcome when operated in high-end 2-channel audio or multi-channel driven home theater systems. The glass cable utilizes the highly rated glass filament conductor that has ultra polished exterior to guarantee an optimal gesture path for digital data rivulets.
The three-layers of very low loss wadding along with an internal humid apparatus are developed to conserve the veracity of the digital sign. Each cable is finished with high quality fused Toslink connectors whose exactitude polished lenses assures complete signal reliability at the point of bond. This cable is a perfect choice for those wanting to have maximum quality ocular link.
Price: $32,825 a pair
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