Elite Find of the Day: Phase One P65+ Is World’s First Ever 60.5 megapixel Full-Frame Medium Format Photo Sensor

Owning 8.1 megapixel digicams or capturing beauty via 5 megapixel camera phones is no big deal. But the demand of the hour is to pay a deserving amount of respect to the revolutionary creations produced by big boys. The case in point is the world’s first ever full-frame 60.5 megapixel Medium Format camera system by Phase One. The P 65+ enables you efficiently capture imagery with 8,984 x 6,732 pixels resolution or 180MB, 8-bit RGB files. The accessibility to Sensor+ CCD technology allows higher sensitivity, extended lively range (12.5 f-stops against standard models that go up to eight) plus 20% more live incarcerate area (in juxtaposition to 39 megapixel or 50 megapixel 48mm-by-36mm chips presently accessible or publicized) presented with exposure of 53.9mm by 40.4mm to professional photographers.

It doesn’t reflect the need for lens magnification, hence enabling full viewfinder exposure. But don’t develop hopes of availing this luxury at standard price as extraordinary offerings demand fat sum. With price range of P 65+ digital back starting from $39,900 and the P 65+ camera system retailed at $41,990, word is around that it would hit the market by Q4 of running year.

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Full-Frame Medium Format Photo Sensor

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